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Ben Ely Jr.

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It will be noticed that the language of this section follows that of section 20, save and except that section 21 omits the words "or other intoxicating liquors." a The fact that the legislature used the terms "hootch, moonshine, corn whiskey" without connecting them or any of them by means of a conjunction of any kind, coupled with the fact that at least two of these words, 'hootch' and 'moonshine', have as yet no scientific definition, makes the construction of the section difficult. Difficult as it is, however, it is a problem of the greatest practical importance. Although as yet no cases under section 20 have reached the Supreme Court of the state, and as far as we have been able to learn, no cases under this section have been tried in the state, a very large percentage of liquor cases are brought under section 21. Almost every term of court in most of the counties of the state sees the trial of one or more cases under this section, but as yet the courts are at a loss properly to define the terms therein used.



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