Amy Moorkamp


A hefty decision, such as the life or death of a loved one, requires more than a few minutes of deliberation and a handful of outside consultations. Delicate, emotional, and potentially contentious medical decisions compel a structured, compassionate approach to produce quality and well-informed results. Due to the magnitude of the decision being made, as well as the abundance of other considerations, (emotional, religious, historic, financial, etc.) the case for a creative, problem-solving process of dispute resolution, such as mediation, is ripe.

This Comment will explore the use of mediation in bioethical disputes. In Part II, the Comment will give an overview of bioethics and examine its inherent nuances and complexities. Part III will examine mediation and its application in health care settings. Finally, Part IV will advocate for increased use of mediation in bioethics disputes in recent, applicable scenarios and cases.



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