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Katya S. Cronin


Nearly every person in the United States currently has in their body dangerous amounts of chemicals proven to cause cancer, endocrine disruptions, liver and kidney failures, infertility, developmental difficulties, learning disorders, and immunodeficiencies. These chemicals are known collectively as “PFAS”—per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances—and they were designed for heavily industrial applications. However, over the last two decades, they have surreptitiously and successfully migrated from heavy machinery and building sites onto the many items that consumers use to cook, serve, or store their food. With the FDA’s blessing, PFAS are now ubiquitous in food contact materials, from where they leach directly into food. In fact, in the last 24 hours alone, many people likely ingested more of these same chemicals by the simple act of putting butter on their toast, drinking orange juice or milk, grabbing take-out food, eating baked goods, ordering pizza, making microwave popcorn, or having wrapped candy. Once ingested, PFAS stay in the human body for years, wreaking havoc in the meantime.

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