The Journal of Dispute Resolution is a student-edited, academic journal published on a bi-annual basis by the University of Missouri School of Law in conjunction with the Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution. The Journal contains articles written by nationally prominent authors and students on a wide variety of topics in the rapidly developing field of dispute resolution.

The Journal was established in 1984 and is recognized as the leading legal publication in the area of alternative dispute resolution. Second- and third- year law students administer the Journal by contributing written works and assisting in the editing and publication process.

Current Issue: Volume 2017, Issue 1

Front Matter



The Definition of Negotiation: A Play in Three Acts
Noam Ebner, John Lande, David Matz, and Andrea Kupfer Schneider


Novel Negotiation
Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff


A “Grand” Unified Negotiation Theory . . . in Context
Adrian Borbély, Noam Ebner, Chris Honeyman, Sanda Kaufman, and Andrea Kupfer Schneider