The University of Missouri Black Law Students Association’s documentary shines a light on the United States Supreme Court case brought by Lloyd L. Gaines. In 1936 Gaines petitioned the courts to require the University of Missouri to admit Gaines, an African American, to the Law School at the University. The U.S. Supreme Court held that the University of Missouri must either admit Gaines to the Law School at the University of Missouri or establish an equal school for African Americans. The case was an important step in overturning the Plessy v. Ferguson “separate but equal” doctrine that was eventually completely overturned in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. Unfortunately, before Mr. Gaines’ case could be brought back to the United States Supreme Court to determine that the separate law school established at Lincoln University was not equal, Mr. Gaines disappeared. This documentary explores the legacy of Mr. Llloyd Gaines and his case. It was created by MU Law BLSA members Donnell Ferguson ('13) and Arsenio Mims ('14).