Jared Gillen


Who condones time’s ability to place such an incessant stranglehold on one’s emotions? Well, no one, but it is inevitable: time dictates every facet of life. For example, a brief glance at the clock elicits a myriad of potential responses. One possibility is anticipation: painstakingly watching the clock count down the hours, minutes, and seconds until the weekend. The feeling is excruciating. However, the instant the minute hand aligns with that pesky 12 provides an instantaneous, captivating sense of relief. There is no feeling like 5 PM. Conversely, no amount of begging or pleading with Father Time can change the reality that time waits for no man. Father Time couldn’t care less about oversleeping or missing a deadline. Instead, Father Time remains unbothered by such mishaps. He continues about his regularly scheduled programming, unaffected by the consequences of his own actions.

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