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The state of Delaware plays a significant role in shaping corporate law around the country. Delaware is home to a substantial number of corporations – more than half of publicly held corporations and over sixty percent of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in the state. Furthermore, it contains the most out-of-state incorporations – a situation where a business incorporates in Delaware but has a principal place of business in another state. For instance, the State of Missouri has ten Fortune 500 corporations with their principal place of business in the state, two of which are incorporated in Delaware. Delaware maintains that the large number of incorporations is due to the predictability and stability provided by the Delaware General Corporation Law (“DGCL”), the corporate law-focused Delaware Court of Chancery (“Chancery Court”), and the prompt and efficient service provided to corporations through the state’s tailored legal system. Regardless of the accuracy of these claims, commentators and experts generally agree on Delaware’s importance in corporate law.

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