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The distress associated with filing a civil lawsuit can leave an individual with a range of emotions, including despondency, humiliation, frustration, loss of self-confidence, and anxiety. Generally, an individual will only file suit if they suffer a serious harm. Subsequently, the individual must relive the injury at each step of the litigation. Repeatedly revisiting the injury disrupts the individual’s life and often leaves them feeling isolated and helpless. Now, picture an individual having to go through the entire process without the guidance of a lawyer, which is called pro se representation. This only adds to the individual’s stress levels. Representing one’s self in a traditional court system is similar to playing chess without ever learning the rules. Both games are governed by precise, complex procedures that make it very difficult for any novice to win against an expert. Consequently, pro se individuals often fail to obtain the relief they seek, rendering all of their stress and physical suffering moot.

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