This law summary analyzes the relevant law concerning attempted enticement of a minor and the potential defenses to a claim of attempted enticement under § 2422(b). Additionally, this law summary examines the current trends surrounding the crime of attempted enticement of a minor, including the growing circuit court consensus that an actual minor is not necessary for a conviction under § 2422(b), the increased use of Internet sting operations to pursue pedophiles, and the popularity of investigative television shows such as To Catch a Predator. Although Internet sting operations seem to be a resourceful way to track pedophiles online and protect children from contact with sexual predators, these sting operations have received criticism due to the possibility of entrapment. However, after applying the elements of an entrapment defense to Internet sting operations, it is apparent that these criticisms are unfounded. Consequently, the entrapment defense, as well as the ever-diminishing legal impossibility defense utilized in Helder, have both failed to give pedophiles convicted of attempted enticement of a minor under § 2422(b) much help.

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