A recent agreement between the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Pork Producers Council puts into place a voluntary inspection program that may lead to reduced fines for pork producers who report and correct Clean Water Act violations This agreement represents the first of its kind between an agriculture group and the Environmental Protection Agency.2 This Article explores the background that led to the agreement. The evolution from small family farming to large corporate livestock production, along with the environmental concerns such evolution has produced, is traced. The next section lays out some of the federal and state statutory and regulatory provisions that exist to address environmental issues connected with corporate livestock production, and addresses other responses of state and local governments and of citizens.4 Given this background, the final section sets out how the National Pork Producers Council designed the assessment process that is used in the inspection program.' Then, the Article discusses how and why the National Pork Producers Council and the Environmental Protection Agency reached an agreement, and details how the agreement is to be implemented . Finally, the Article comments on whether the agreement is a good idea and whether this type of program should be expanded to other industries

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