Mark Buck


It started with a cough. It continued with a fever. After several days of treatment with over-the-counter medications without improvement, it became clear that Victor Villarroel Saavedra, an unvaccinated but otherwise in good health Bolivian physician, had contracted COVID-19 in the summer of 2020. By this point, Victor’s options were limited: seek at-home care or go to the hospital. After a few days of in-home care with nasal canal oxygen and nursing/physician oversight, he was eventually transferred to a hospital where he passed within the week. This all could have been avoided with a simple jab in the otherwise healthy man, which would have nearly eliminated his risk of death and significantly reduced his risk of hospitalization. However, Bolivia is without vaccinations originating from most developed countries (MDC) such as the US, UK, CAN, or from the EU, although its government has tried to obtain them. Distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to least developed countries (LDCs) like Bolivia has been sluggish to non-existent, leading to the needless deaths of many of the world’s most medically vulnerable populations.



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