On February 16, Middlebury’s President, Dr. Laurie L. Patton, received an invitation from a student group called the American Enterprise Institute Club (AEI) to give opening remarks at a lecture by a speaker they had invited to campus. The Club was Middlebury’s student chapter of the AEI,8 a conservative think-tank based in Washington, D.C., which has student clubs all across the coun-try. The speaker was Dr. Charles Murray, an American political scientist who is now an AEI emeritus scholar. This was not Dr. Murray’s first visit to the College. He had previously visited the campus for a lecture in 2007, and in 2017 the AEI club invited him to talk about his book Coming Apart, “which explores the roots of class division in white America.” In 1994, Charles Murray co-authored the book The Bell Curve with Richard Herrnstein “which linked race with IQ and has long been the focus of controversy and served as the backdrop for how many on campus saw the event.”



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