Louise Reilly


The founding purpose of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) was to take international sports disputes out of national courts and provide a highly specialized forum where those disputes could be heard and decided, quickly and inexpensively, according to a flexible procedure. Since its inception, CAS has gained the recognition and trust of the international sports community and today, is the last instance of appeal for parties involved in a wide-range of sports-related disputes, including those related to all Olympic sports and many non-Olympic sports, football disputes, doping infractions and international commercial contracts. CAS has come to provide sportsmen and women, their respective governing bodies and other entities involved in the sports world with an efficient, cost effective and final resolution to their disputes. This paper will predominantly provide an introduction to the CAS (parts II - VIII); as to the role of national courts in international sports disputes and the "skirmishes" that can arise, part IX of this paper looks at this issue by reference to recent case law.



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