In this article I will explore the vitality of the metaphor of the mediator as cook by tracing it through other food and conflict resolution related films. In so doing, I hope to achieve two things: first, to continue to insist that non-adversarial processes like mediation be included in the study of Law & Film, and second, to show that the metaphor suggested for mediators based on one film, resonates in other films and suggests new insights about mediator style and practice. Through a Law & Film analysis of two films, Soul Food and Mostly Martha, I will argue that other movies utilize the metaphor of the mediator as cook, and thus that the metaphor resonates in popular culture. I will demonstrate that Soul Food and Mostly Martha provide support for my claims that: (1) mediation need not be voluntary to be sound; (2) mediators can be partial, directive, and evaluative and still be effective by individualizing their approaches to each disputant and dispute; and (3) an approach to mediation that embraces emotion is to be celebrated and can produce pleasure.



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