Getting Past No is an important companion to a previous book co-authored by William Ury. In 1981, Ury collaborated with Roger Fisher on a book entitled Getting to Yes, 3 which has sold more than two million copies and has become one of the most influential works on the subject of negotiation. Getting to Yes is a lucid, step-by-step guide for negotiating mutually satisfactory agreements. The authors labeled their approach "principled negotiation" and boiled it down to the following points: separate the people from the problem; focus on interests, not positions; generate a variety of possibilities before deciding what to do; and insist that the result be based on some objective standard.4 Principled negotiation is one of the most influential approaches developed as an alternative to traditional negotiating behavior, which has been described as competitive' or adversarial. 6 Fisher and Ury refer to the traditional approach as positional bargaining



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