Louis M. Brown


In terms of the Nyhart-Dauer article, the goal which is to be attained is "the commercial exploitation of the coastal zone and continental shelf."' The legal system aids the accomplishment of that goal by permitting parties to enter into contracts which "define the measure of present exchange and provide the standards by which executory performance will later be judged... "2 The goal is achieved by performances in accord with "creative arrangements" developed "in such a way that their constituents will be most likely to accept and adhere to the undertakings to which they" are committed.3 It is performance that counts. In an ideal, and often practical arrangement, performance is achieved without dispute and hence there is no need for concern about dispute resolution. But saying this does not eliminate a legal structure. Rather, it should be recognized that the initial function of the legal structure is to enable parties to achieve their goal. This is a starting point to the jurisprudence of preventive law.



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