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For the December 2015 issue of the Federal Sentencing Reporter, I analyzed the pieces of sentencing legislation pending in the present session of Congress. Part of that analysis was an effort to assess the probable practical impact of the bill most likely to move forward, the Senate's Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act (SRACA). My impact analysis of the SRACA drew on three sources: figures provided by the Sentencing Commission in a statement by Commission Chair Patti B. Saris to the Senate Judiciary Committee, an independent analysis by Dr. Paul Hofer, formerly a senior member of the Sentencing Commission's staff and now with the Federal and Community Defenders, and my own interpretations of and extrapolations from the available data. In a March 3, 2016, letter (which appears in this Issue immediately before this response), Mr. Glenn Schmitt, Director of Research at the U.S. Sentencing Commission, says that I mischaracterized the Commission's figures on two points."

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