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The University of Missouri (“MU”) sits in the picturesque college town of Columbia on the largest and oldest campus of the Missouri University system. MU is a land grant institution created with funds and land appropriated by the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890. The University “honors [that public trust] and accepts the associated accountability” by acquiring, creating, transmitting, and preserving knowledge. “MU's primary mission in research and doctoral education . . . provides the basis for service to the people of [Missouri] via outreach programs.” Domestic violence impacts MU's land grant influenced service mission. Its organizational departments, educational units, and central administration have responded enthusiastically to an ad hoc group of staff, faculty, and students who have convened to address to interpersonal violence in ways befitting the MU community. This paper describes MU's domestic violence research, education, service, and its personal responses to domestic violence on campus.



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