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Book Review

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Spring 2004


In Moneyball, Michael Lewis writes about a story with which he fell in love, a story about professional baseball and the people that play it. A surprising number of books and articles have been written by law professors who have had long love affairs with baseball. These books and articles are a two-way street, with baseball and law each informing and enriching the other. For example, law professors versed in antitrust, labor, property, tax, and tort law have brought their legal training to bear on particular aspects of baseball. Law professors also have mined their passion for baseball in extracting from the diamond lessons for the law in areas as diverse as The Common Law Origins of the Infield Fly Rule (and the almost cult-like following it spawned,) statutory construction, legal theory, comparisons of Supreme Court Justices to famous baseball players, and, our favorite, The Jurisprudence of Yogi Berra. Indeed, one commentator has called baseball and law “America's Two National Pastimes.”

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