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Fall 2000


A few years ago, in “A Form Letter to the Dean,” I offered the Journal's readers a template form letter which law school faculty could use to communicate with their deans. In the aftermath of that article's publication, I received letters, phone calls, and small explosive devices indicating that, mirabile dictu, a few people had actually read the article. Because I had never before had such a response to any of what I rather loosely refer to as my scholarship, I was encouraged to write a sequel. Hence the present piece. My current form letter is inspired by the annual Dean's Letter that increasing numbers of deans send to law school alumni, friends, and miscellaneous hangers-on. These letters serve important purposes, such as convincing university provosts and presidents that there is some useful activity occurring at the law school and that the dean is aware of at least part of it. I offer the following form letter as a starting point for any dean who would like to send a letter but may not have the time to devote to such a communication, essential though it be.



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