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The covid pandemic was a shock wave that reverberated for several years, and we still are feeling the effects. During the crisis period, we developed routines of sheltering in place, physical distancing, communicating electronically, and working from home, among other things. This post speculated about what that new normal might be like in many domains of life after the pandemic ends. It referred to this as the “normal new normal” (NNN) in contrast to the “crisis new normal” (CNN) for the duration of the crisis. It speculated that routines developed during the CNN period may have long-lasting effects during the NNN period. It focused on changes in patterns of social conflict, work, and higher education. It includes links to additional posts about new normals in (1) legal and dispute resolution practice, court procedures, and legal education, (2) communication, privacy, and community, (3) continuing professional education, (4) dispute resolution, and (5) social relationships.