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Cleaning Up and Cashing Out: Using Financial Incentives to Increase Missourians Use of Solar Energy and Decrease Missouri’s Dependence on Imported Coal


Douglas Mann


Climate change is one of the biggest threats to the human species. Unlike other historical threats to species, this threat is caused by humans themselves. Climate change (a product of a rise in average global temperature due to carbon emissions) is causing extreme weather patterns, droughts, mass migrations, among other catastrophic consequences. The state of Missouri is particularly guilty of carbon emissions. Missouri has one of the dirtiest energy grids in the nations. If Missouri residents were to switch from fossil fuel-generated electricity to residential solar energy systems, there could be a drastic reduction in Missouri’s carbon footprint. The Missouri government can incentivize its residents to make the switch by making solar energy systems and installation exempt from sales and use taxes. Providing performance premiums for residents who produce an excess amount of energy with their solar systems could also serve as a strong incentive to switch from fossil fuels to solar energy.